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Some more work of glass designers and artists currently working in the United Kingdom .........

A range of glassware from the studio of Adam Aaronson
Adam Aaronson is a both a designer and craftsman who owns a glass studio producing a variety of domestic products in coloured glass. At the studio of Aaronson and Noon situated near Earls Court in London one can see glass being made by skilled glassblowers. Much of the work created at the studio is used in architectural design ranging from doorknobs to four-poster bedposts. However, not all the glass is used for such purposes and a wide range of vases are made in varying sizes, shapes, finishes and colours.

"Ice Tree" by Tejinder Bhandal
Tejinder Bhandal
'I have begun to combine together different glass techniques, looking particularly at the use of light reflection in the production of hot and kiln glass forms. I want to go on to develop my glass skills and produce more work, particularly glass sculpture.'

"Flame Perfume bottles" by Louise Edwards
Louise says: "Exciting glass for the modern interior with an emphasis on creative design and skilled craftsmanship."

A selection of glassware from the studio of Ingrid Pears
Artist Statement: The way every object, body and entity depends on another fascinates me. For example, the way people depend on each other for support in times of need is a driving force for me. I explore these bonds through my work; one piece of glass holds another piece which, in turn, relies on another for its support and strength. The connections between each piece are significant, as they are expressions of a relationship, whether that is between one rock and another, or between a mother and child. Each piece of glass has a special story behind it, longing to be shared with others.

Sculptured glass from the hands of Colin Reid
Colin Reid casts sculpture in glass, combining cast glass with other media such as stone, wood and metal. Recent commissions include "Bamboo Scroll", a major sculpture for the Shanghai Public Library, and "River Rocks", an outdoor piece in the River Lune, Lancs, UK.

"Leghorns" by Tina Tylen of the London Glassblowing Studio
Tina says; "I was born and bred in Sweden, but I have been mainly living abroad since 1981, first in Liberia, West Africa and since 1989 in England. I have an ex-husband and two lovely grown up children. My work over the last 10 years has explored certain personal issues concerning sexuality, human relationships and also the humour and beauty that I see in these. Lately my main interests have been in body language and the luggage we carry with us in life. These ideas have mainly been explored through glass, because of the qualities and characteristics that glass has. It has natural sensuality, depth, and flow and responds to immediate touch and movement."

"Shell bowl and Pebble weights" by Phil Vickery
Phil says; "Although only in my early twenties, I have exhibited widely around the UK and abroad. I was awarded with the Stuart Crystal Memorial Award for the best free blown piece and also a years free scholarship at the Red House Glass Cone, whilst at the International Glass centre. I consider myself to be a new innovative, award winning glass designer and maker and feel confident in all my work"