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I hope you enjoy looking at some glass currently being made by Britsish Designers/Makers .................
Within the UK many small glass studios are producing an exciting variety of glassware.

Hopefully some of these images will catch your eye and alert you to the talent of British Artists ......

If you would like further details about any of the artists who's work is illustrated please contact me by e-Mail

Amanada Brisbane
Dragon Vase

Amanda Brisbane is passionate about glass and all its possibilities. She challenges herself to create magnificent abstract forms that appear frozen in space.
Amanda uses the technique and process of sand casting in most of her work. This process is spontaneous and organic and uses sand as a manipulable moulding compound to make detailed, delicate forms with texture.
Amanda Brisbane lives and works in Ludlow, Shropshire
Lesley Clarke
Cornish Seas

"I first met the fascinating material of Hot Glass when I met up with Norman Stuart Clarke. I have long been keen on the Arts and Crafts but this entirely new experience captivated me from the onset. I soon became obsessed with the heat, the colours and the excitement of working with hot molten glass."

"My work is mainly experimental, each piece developing during the making process, the colours and shapes ever changing. My work has become and important part of me and a regular session at the furnace is essential. I see my work as an expression of my being and its development as infinite."
Bob Crooks
"Fishnet-Twister" Vases

Statement from Bob Crooks:
The work designed and made by myself is a reaction against the boring factory made glassware; a reaction against re-vamped ideas that date back decades and are so bland!! - with the exception of some of the Venetian and Swedish.
Every piece of glass I produce is handmade, that is no moulds are used and therefore it is my skill as a glassmaker that makes each piece similar, if that is required.
Throughout the variety of the work I am trying to exploit the many properties of glass through refraction, sharpness, distortion, reflection and softness working with its fluidity and freezing it as the desired form is realised, or changing its qualities though cold processes.
My glassware is continually undergoing a metamorphosis on different tangents, depending on what line of development I am pursuing. Everything has to change, it is that quest for perfection with the material: - Within the production ware: I am trying to offer pieces of glass that are generally a similar size, but their characteristics are very different from each other and because of the nature of the decoration and the way they are affected by temperature and gravity each item is a "one-off" so different in many respects that they could never be repeated.
Within the unique piece I am offering a piece of myself, (as any artist) that takes many forms. There are many areas of exploration within this unique bracket. My mind is furiously racing through different applications of the material and the way I can manipulate that, therefore there are many aspects of "one-off" work available. I only make a few of each item before it is time to move on. I find there are several totally diverse ideas hatching at the same time, unfortunately only about 3% of the year is spend exploring new ideas. The rest is meeting orders on production items.
I would like to think that the unique items produce a reaction, a positive reaction!!! They are a play on all the application of glass and the way I react to those and explore them; I hope that they are humorous, eccentric, abstract and above all enjoyable to view.
David Flower
"Bibelot" Vase

Statement from David Flower;
"I collapsed into art education at the tender age of 23. With no real desires to work in any one medium, I tried them all. This haphazard 7 year journey through the world of art has prepared me to be in glass.

I have become a three dimensional painter applying colours observed from nature's hues and subtleties, to the flattened canvas of blown glass. The resulting forms are as geographical abnormalities, hewn from heat, as serenely perfect as a pebble and luxuriant as gemstones."
Jonathan Harris
"A nice pair!" carved Chrysanthemum vases.
Jonathan Harris can be described as a master glassmaker with his work likened to that of brothers George and Thomas Woodall two of the greatest glass carvers to emerge from the Victorian era. Jonathan has been developing his techniques over the last 15 years and produces some very unique examples.
Timothy Harris [Isle of Wight Glass]
"Graal" Bowl
Tlws Johnson
"Dancing King"

Statement from Tlws Johnson:
I trained in ceramics and glass and graduated with honours in 1996. With the help of a Southern Arts Grant I have set up my own workshop where I make large glass sculptures by the pate de verre method and slump and fuse glass. I use recycled glass, mainly Dartington Crystal. I have been experimenting with oxides in the glass. The turquoise blue is copper and the deep blue is cobalt. I like the way the colours swirl about and catch the light deep within the glass. Most of my designs are organic but my new work is based on ancient stones.