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Peter Layton within the world of current art-glass artists and designers ranks at the top of the list. His pieces show a great creative mind being put into the finished article....................
Here is a small selection of the work of Peter Layton which I hope you enjoy ...............

Peter Layton

Born in Prague and brought up in England, Peter Layton studied ceramics at the Central School of Art and Design in London under some of the foremost potters of the day. He chanced upon glassblowing while teaching ceramics at the University of Iowa and since returning to Britain has been continuously at the forefront in promoting this magical and versatile medium. In the early 70's Peter Layton was instrumental together with Sam Herman, in setting up the Glasshouse in Covent Garden. He subsequently established his own small glass studio at his pottery at Morar in the Highlands of Scotland, a Glass Department at Hornsey College of Art (Middlesex University) and in 1976, the London Glassblowing
Workshop in an old towage works on the Thames at Rotherhithe.
London Glassblowing Studio
Under the tutelage of Peter Layton

A great advocate of collaborative working, Peter Layton has over the years acted as a mentor, training and cooperating with many glassmakers, enjoying their creative and artistic involvement within the studio. Each glassmaker brings an appealing freshness to the workshop environment and a particular artistic sensibility to the work. Many have set up their own workshops and become established glassmakers in their own right.

London Glassblowing has played a major role in the development of studio glass in the UK, leading the change from factory dominated production to individually created glass by artists and craftsmen.

All members of London Glassblowing produce their own, work in a variety of techniques and styles. The studios current glassmaking team includes Joanne Cailes, David Flower, Marie Holm, Louis Thompson and Tina Tylen, together with Anthony Scala, Candice Elena Evans and Claire Gutteridge.

Peter Layton

Peter Layton's London Glassblowing is a hot glass studio focused on the creation and display of contemporary glass art. The studio has a reputation as one of Europe's leading glassmaking workshops with a particular flair for the use of colour, form and texture.

Visit Peter's Website from my LINKS Page ......
More about the man behind the designs

Peter Layton originally trained in ceramics, but the discovery of hot glass was the beginning of a new love affair. He was inspired by the immediacy of this enchanting and elusive medium, as much by the demanding process and the magical and exquisite material. Each piece presents an adventure, and a challenge to control form and colour, while yet allowing the fluidity of the glass to contribute its own qualities and characteristics.

Self taught as a glassmaker, Peter Layton's work is organic and tactile, striving to achieve a form of controlled asymmetry. Series evolve by 'sketching on the blowing iron', in the belief that an understanding of the work is best achieved through making. An inveterate beachcomber, his work is often drawn from some aspect of nature or something observed
while travelling.
The Glass Art Gallery

Situated in the Leather Market, a distinctive 19th Century building erected by the Leather Warehouse Company in 1833 as the centre of London's leather trade, the Glass Art Gallery offers a light spacious area for the display of contemporary glass.

Throughout the year the gallery displays an exciting array of work by Peter Layton and his team, covering a range of styles. The Gallery provides a context for the work, seeking to broaden public awareness of glass as a medium for artistic expression by hosting regular solo and group exhibitions of British and international studio glass.

All work is for sale and information on the artists and their work is available.

The Glass Art Gallery
7 The Leather Market
Weston Street

Opening times:
Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm
Where Peter's Work can be found

Peter Layton produces individual pieces of decorative glass in sculptural and functional forms. The work is free blown, permitting a greater degree of involvement and attention to detail than is possible on standardised production and ensuring the individuality of each piece. It is the studio's philosophy that each object should be unique and signed by the artist.

Visitors to London Glassblowing may experience the heat and magic of the ancient craft of glassmaking while watching a gather of molten glass evolve into something of value and beauty.

Peter Layton's glass is available through the studio's own Glass Art Gallery in addition to galleries and exhibitions in the UK, Europe and America
And finally .......

Peter Layton's bountiful output of vessels and creative expression represents nearly three decades, but his work is not done by rote, nor is his exploring done. While acknowledged for his authority on the subject of glass, Layton as the innovative artist disclaims his authority in deference to the potency of the medium-"(It's) magical, mysterious and illusory." In a self-deprecating manner, Layton honours glass, the extended Studio Glass family, and how all the elements converge with his own individual expression as an artist. Layton's innovation or "fine battle" continues.