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Will Shakspeare brings flare, creativity and artist design to all his work which is all hand made in his studio in Taunton, Somerset

I have been blowing glass for nearly twenty years now. Doesn't time fly.......
Obviously I have applied for loads of other jobs but never got past the interview stage.
People should look past the scars, they fade with time.
Ritual burning is all part of the process, sometimes it can even add to the final piece. Put it in the annealer is a constant cry when they are taking you away. Most of the time the nurses are very sympathetic.

Seriously I never know quite what to say when I have to write an info bit, my gut instinct is to refuse and say that the glass speaks for itself but that is palpably untrue. You might really like it or hate it but it doesn't talk. And anyway staring at a computer screen is not really going to convince you either way, especially as I have enhanced the images so much they bear no resemblance to the real thing, well not quite that much.

My web site is designed purely as a visual taster to my work. An introduction.

Although I am not completely stupid and if you really want to buy something, please be my guest, we charge very reasonable carriage rates and take credit cards.

However I make 3 dimensional things, it is just as important how they feel when you hold them as how they look with different lights coming through them. How heavy or light the pieces are and even what sort of a noise they make when you drop them on the floor.

I make lots of different work, as you have hopefully seen, I either have an active imagination or just can't concentrate, but at least it keeps me occupied. I work with a very small team which gives us the freedom to make a wide range of products and also allows us to be easily sidetracked into completely different projects from jewellery to bookshelves.

Will Shakspeare

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