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More images showing the versatility of the modern day glass artist ...........

Susan Nixon ~ "Golden Eye"

The talents of Susan Nixon can be seen in all the pieces she produces from her studio.

Amanda Brisbane is passionate about glass and all its possibilities. She challenges herself to create magnificent abstract forms that appear frozen in space.
Amanda uses the technique and process of sand casting in most of her work. This process is spontaneous and organic and uses sand as a manipulable moulding compound to make detailed, delicate forms with texture.
Amanda Brisbane lives and works in Ludlow, Shropshire

David Reekie >>
Self portrait "Trouble with Numbers"

Statement from David Reekie:
My work continues to change and evolve and as it develops it tells its own story, a story to which I keep adding. We all have our faults and failings, which we may or may not be aware of. In this series I felt it was a good opportunity to bring some of mine to the surface. The very technique of casting glass involves concealing and then revealing images and objects, somewhat like our personalities. In this series of castings I have put together several images into one complete piece of glass. This process, which I have developed, involves making different parts of the sculpture out of clay and wax and combining them into one object from which a mould is made. Finally the piece is cast in one kiln firing to create a detailed colourful glass sculpture which gives the illusion of being made up of many parts but is in fact one piece of glass.
<< Adrian Sankey
Set in the ideal scenery of the Lake District is the studio of Adrian Sankey. Here craftsmen of the highest quality produce glass of great excellence.
Anthony Stern >>
Glass panels commissioned for Saudi Palace.

The inspiration for my Seascapes is the English countryside. In nature there is fluid movement between the sea, sky and rock and I aim to capture moments of this process. They are three dimensional paintings for which glass is the ideal medium.
<< Norman Stuart-Clarke
"Ebb Tide" range of glassware

Norman says:
"I use bold, powerful colours, it's a consuming interest of mine, an obsession, placing different hues together on a piece, watching them react optically. They throb and dance to a tune shared only with the beholder.

"Working with the hot flowing glass is a transcendental experience. The conscious and unconscious merge in timelessness and a vessel is created, glowing and pulsing like a new born star."

Malcolm Sutcliffe >>
Polar Bear Bowl

Malcolm enjoys making bowls, vases, dishes and plates that have clean, smooth, simple shapes offering a surface similar to that of a canvas for the images to be sandblasted on. At present he is working on the watery theme of Dolphins and Whales. All the glass is free blown using recycled 24% lead crystal glass. The molten glass is rolled into powdered coloured glass- white, blue, green and black - gradually building up layers. This is then blown and shaped. When cold the Dolphins or Whales are applied using a resist and the surrounding colour is carefully sandblasted away to reveal the Dolphins or Whales in relief. Then finally the pieces are polished which gives a silky sheen to the finished items and all the pieces are signed.
<< Louis Thompson
Cone Vases
About Louis Thompson
Graduating from North Staffordshire Polytechnic with a Degree in Glass Design in 1988, Louis went on to work with a number of glass practitioners in the UK. He has exhibited work extensively in the UK, Europe, USA and Japan. In 1999 and 2001 he attended Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle as a student and then again as a teaching assistant. He also combines his practice with the role of joint Course Leader for the Glass Design programme at Staffordshire University. Louis says; "The tradition of the glass vessel is a continuing reference point for my ideas, exploring the function of containment and confinement and looking at the relationship between exterior and interior spaces."
Adrian Sankey Glass Vase >>
A quality piece of craftsmanship from the Lake District Studio of Adrian Sankey
<< Bob Crooks
The flare and creativity of Bob Crooks is seen in this multitude of perfume bottles.
Amanda Brisbane >>
Sculptural piece entitled 'Family' by Amanda Brisbane showing the skill of the artist.
<< Catherine Hough
Both artistry and finesse can be seen in these perfume bottles by Catherin Hough.

Catherine Hough attended Cardiff College of Education, taking her B.Ed. This was followed by a period of teaching in London from 1971-1975. In 1975 she decided to pursue a course in glass and metalwork at Stourbridge College of Art,
completing her B.A. (Hons) in 1978. She was then invited to set up a studio at Royal Brierley Crystal to make one-off pieces in glass and metal. In 1980 her work underwent a change of style when she joined The Glasshouse in London. Catherine established her reputation making exquisite perfume bottles which were characterised by contrast between precise cutting, polishing and textured surfaces. In 1985 after the formation of Glass-Works (now Victoria Glass) she moved on to produce larger pieces employing the same techniques.
Siobhan Jones >>
Inspired by colour, space, pattern and the qualities light can play in bringing an object to life, Siobhan creates unique one-off signed pieces of kiln formed glass to challenge the senses. Working to bespoke private or corporate commissions, Siobhan uses a high quality specialist glass, which is hand cut, arranged then fused in the kiln. The flat piece of fused glass can be returned to the kiln over a mould to 'slump' and take the form. Siobhan exhibits in galleries throughout the country and participates in shows nationwide.
<< Fleur Tookey
Merlin Scent Bottles by Fleur Tookey
Fleur Tookey has a Dip AD (Hons) Fine Art from Brighton College of Art and followed this by a Postgraduate year in Glass at Stourbridge College of Art. She then joined the Glasshouse as a founding member, and continued as a Director until it's closure in 1998.Her work is free-blown studio glass, from one-off bowls, plates to scent bottles, always capturing the essence of the material in its organic fluidity and delicate colouring.
"A Touch of Glass ~ England"
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